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Laserfiche for Unions and Trusts

Unions and their affiliated trusts today are realizing the advantage to having the ability to manage their hard copy and electronic documents digitally. With today’s legal environment, the retention of files becomes more important to unions, their trusts, and the members they serve.


  • Trust document management made more efficient
  • Member Training Certification updating and retrieval
  • DOL filing and International Union requirements made easier
  • Department of Defense certified document imaging and retention


Document Imaging Speeds


Internal Processes

Union and Trusts can now speed the processes of updating union members’ training documentation, grievances, dispatch records and trust documents (i.e. hours worked, remittances, etc.) with the implementation of Laserfiche into their systems.


Enhanced Dues Receipt Management

With the ease of putting electronic documents instantly into Laserfiche comes the ability to simultaneously print a hard copy of a numbered dues receipts and send an exact replica to the Laserfiche repository for easy retrieval and copy retention.


Mandatory Record Retention Simplified

Records can be stored indefinitely or for the length of time required by International Union and/or Department Of Labor necessity. Digital copies co-located in the office and off site on unalterable media (CD or DVD) are considered to be legitimate copies or mandatory retention purposes.


Physical Storage Footprint Reduced

When mandatory retention of documents requirements are met by using Laserfiche, hard copies of records can be destroyed and recycled. Space where records are kept is reduced eliminating storage space costs or freeing up office space for other purposes.


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