TERRA Updates

Footprint Module
Schedule automated reports that match up local union out of work lists for auditor discrepancy reports.

Clearing Remittance Payments Faster
TERRA allows for electronic clearing of funds through either electronic check processing or direct payment through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction.  This allows the funds to be transmitted electronically, eliminating the 3-6 non interest bearing days before payments are cleared through the deposit and lockbox cycles.

Audit Capabilities
Safeguard documents with comprehensive security and monitor document access with TERRA Fingerprint and Laserfiche Audit Trail functionality.

Prepare for audits by quickly and easily producing records on demand, reducing auditor costs.  Schedule audit reports through either Fingerprint or Audit Trail.  Enabling automated audits for delivery to auditors or attorneys.

Eliminate Overages and Shortages
TERRA simplifies the remittance process for the employer by removing the need for them to perform extensive calculations.  The employer simply enters the hours worked through an easy to use web-interface.  A detailed report is generated for the hours entered and calculations are instantly performed showing the employer exactly what they need to remit in payment.  Overages and Shortages are eliminated.

Promote Internal Compliance, Increase Productivity
Drawing on the robust document management system Laserfiche, internally set your own retention cycles and keep your operation compliant with HIPAA and other necessary regulatory compliance mandates.  Add document management capabilities to existing benefits administration, and claims processing systems, through integrations, enabling quick lookup of supplemental information based on custom identifiers such as SSN, EIN, or Participant ID.

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