Affinity Quickstart Guide
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Affinity is a multi-faceted integration tool that helps you quickly incorporate Laserfiche® document imaging functionality into virtually any application. This is known as image-enabling an application. Within minutes, you can be scanning and retrieving documents from within the applications you use most.

  • Scan directly into pre-defined, or dynamic folder structures
  • Single click Searching through your image repository

Membership Tracking Programs
Simplify lookups of member data with a simple integration piece that allows single button access to all related member documentation.


Checkmation SOAR® drastically reduces the time it takes to process check batches. This Solution Milestone will allow scanning of 50 checks in less than a minute. Verification and conversion to images and data takes less than five minutes. Checkmation SOAR® can also be customized to automatically post to accounting and archiving programs, saving on labor costs. Checkmation SOAR® offers its users a high percentage of same day cash availability, faster clearing, faster processing, reduced recording costs and elimination of check transportation costs. Moreover, Checkmation SOAR® customers can save on fees, and are able to conduct image exchange with any image enabled bank in the country.

Checkmation SOAR® - Commanding Performance, Striking Design:

  • A feature-rich highly impressive core product;
  • Easy to install and support;
  • Elegant and familiar interface;
  • Integrates easily with existing systems and applications (including accounting software and archive repositories);
  • Automatic and variable security controls;
  • Scalable from standalone systems to enterprise solutions.

Checkmation SOAR's® Solution Assets:

  • CAR/LAR (Courtesy and Legal Amount Recognition);
  • CRICR (Cross Referencing Intelligent Character Recognition);
  • Amount acceptance and rejection;
  • Simultaneous processing at multiple stations;
  • Multiple payment types;
  • Automatic check image endorsement;
  • Payer recognition;
  • Payee recognition;
  • Signature recognition;
  • Customer and account association;
  • Customized export file;
  • X9.37 Image Cash Letter conversion with automatic Record application;
  • Image and data repository archive and retrieval;
  • Data posting to accounting programs;
  • Compatible with most check scanners;
  • Network compatibility with scanner brand variety.

Checkmation SOAR's® Key Benefits:

  • Drastically reduces check processing labor cost;
  • Eliminates transportation cost;
  • Eliminates costs associated with archiving physical checks;
  • IDs inconsistencies;
  • Vastly improves on clerical errors;
  • Saves on banking fees;
  • Expands cutoff times;
  • Enables better float management.

Checkmation SOAR® (Secure Online Automatic Routing) converts paper checks into check images and data, enabling remote routing and reducing the costs and time associated with processing checks.

Checkmation Prism® enables remote acceptance and routing of check images and data, reducing the costs and time associated with processing checks.

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