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June 29th, 2009

Good old fashioned police work gets high-tech help


June 30, 2009

Taming the Paper Monster


May 30th, 2009

Law's New Order


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The Laserfiche document management software suite is a set of scanning, indexing, information sharing, business process management, integration, tracking and auditing tools.

  • Classify and organize your documents easily
  • Integrate with your current applications
  • Native integration with Microsoft Office Suites

Designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure, Laserfiche delivers powerful enterprise content management capabilities without disrupting the way you work. From a single department to the enterprise level, Laserfiche addresses information management challenges from the perspectives of users, IT professionals and managers.

Laserfiche Plus
Laserfiche Plus publishes enterprise information to CDs with integrated search and viewing capabilities. This allows portable access on PCs and notebooks without installing the Laserfiche network client. CDs provide simplified distribution without the costs and inefficiencies associated with paper-based systems. Laserfiche Plus CDs can be distributed to mobile staff, remote offices and clients on a royalty-free basis.

Laserfiche Audit Trail
Information is one of your organization’s most important assets and, increasingly, one of the most regulated. To guarantee the integrity of information assets, protect business relationships and ensure regulatory compliance, organizations must secure business records, along with the personal data of their employees and customers, against unauthorized access.

Laserfiche Workflow
Laserfiche Workflow increases productivity by automating document-centered work processes. An intuitive graphical interface provides easy work process modeling and streamlining. Routing and notification services guarantee smooth workflow despite user absence. The Workflow Suite provides the efficiency and security of rules-based routing and monitoring while also supporting ad hoc participation in the workflow process.

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